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Extreme FX contains a natural concentrated blend of 24 powerful aphrodisiacs, including special adaptogens that work differently for men and women to give them sexual urges. It helps women get excited and causes the vagina to become wet. And it helps men become hard, fast, and stay hard and pulsing for sexual release.
Simply spray 6 times under the tongue, and within only minutes it begins to make anyone aroused, with an urgent need for sex.
Each Extreme FX bottle contains the highest concentration of 100% pure ingredients for natural sexual enhancement purposes. It is far stronger than any other male or female sexually-stimulating product available today.
Adaptogens are natural substances that help the body adapt to physical, chemical and mental stress. Of the more than 750,000 botanicals on the planet, only 24 are adaptogens, and Extreme FX includes them in its one-of-a-kind aphrodisiac sex spray for greater, faster sexual enjoyment.
Scientific research shows that adaptogens can relieve the tremendous burden that stress exerts on many people’s sex life, to get them hard and horny no matter how stressed they are.

The #1 cause of
a poor sex life
— at ANY age —
is stress.

Stress, whether caused by work, sleeplessness, finances, injury, depression, psychological factors, environmental conditions or infection impacts everyone.

Some people handle stress well, others don’t. Stress makes men’s penis stay small, and soft and makes women uninterested.

Extreme FX can counter the effects of these barriers to great sex.

Extreme FX users report that they are able to put their daily worries aside and enjoy sex better.

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